This is a representation of sands that have been collected on areas where climate changes are causing the thaw of permafrost and erosion of dry land. Sands were brought to my by researchers, who regularly visit the areas of Alaska, Herschel Island, Northern Canada and Siberia.

Project was realised with the help of researchers who were a part of polar research exedition: Jaroslav Obu, Sonya Antonova and Josefine Lenz.

  BADLANDS, 2011 - 2014


Where are Badlands? What are the bad lands?

In 2011 I started contemplating about the juxtaposition of younger Slovenian generation with peripheral landmarks where we spent our time away. Whenever I joined my friends I had my camera with me, documenting places which fascinated us, where we spent our time in the bad lands.

It appeared like a metaphor of long lost perspectives by younger people in Slovenia. I could simply see all the places that represent social injustice simply and name them badlands. But mainly in my project badlands are also all the places that youngsters appropriated to escape from their anxieties, fear of the future and madness of contemporary society.

Aljaž Celarc and Boštjan Uršič on the 6th of May 2012:

“We all are wasted, only some wonder more. We are hated as the deviated generation: Some of us would like to live at another time in the past. Some would like to live in the future. But yet we don’t need much, just the opportunity to be recognized and live a decent life.

Meanwhile landscapes of the future are high and metaphorical. The society reminds each of us every day of it’s determination that our existence is selfish. Because everyone’s perception of weakened, we cannot identify our strengths. We are still looking for a chance to fail, while only changes are consistent....

It’s been a while after the definition of aging has changed: Aging has become a process of mental preparation of our own end. At 23 I am among the oldest people alive...” 


selection of images from I WISH I WAS ALONE, SO I TRAVEL zine

ARCHIVE ITSELF (about history cemented into books and books cemented into history)

Papercrete sculptures, 2014.

All used books were collected during the ex-Yugoslavia socialistic regime. All books were part of my family's library.




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